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PLAYAPUT Inverted Baseball Hitting Tee, Suspended Baseball Tee with Weighted Base

PLAYAPUT Inverted Baseball Hitting Tee, Suspended Baseball Tee with Weighted Base

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  • 【Inverted Hitting Tee】The inverted tee helps hitters focus their eyes on the lower middle of the baseball, work on accurate swings, to get more extra-base hits. it also allows hitters to practice line drives and keep the ball down in the zone. this batting tee is good for baseball pro or advance players.
  • 【Traditional Batting Tee】The baseball batting tee is better contact with the ball, enhances muscle memory, adds power to every swing to improve the batting accuracy and speed,it is good for all skill players.
  • 【Height Adjustable】Height adjustable from 22 inches to 47 inches for traditional batting tee and 12 inches to 37 inches for inverted hitting tee is excellent for all ages and pro players.
  • 【8LB Sturdy Metal Base】2-in-1 batting tee consists of an 8lb solid iron base, aluminum stem, hand-rolled rubber top and detachable softtubes, high-quality material can withstand the impact of every swing.
  • 【Easy Setup and Takedown】This batting tee can be quickly set up as a batting tee (up) and inverted tee (down) by the detachable softtubes. Easy transport to fields, parks, backyards or anywhere. (NOTE: Please follow the instructions to differentiate between the 2 types of Up/Down tee)

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    PLAYAPUT PRO BATTING TEE FOR ADVANCED TRAINING The pro batting tee is designed to help train the eyes to focus on the lower middle of the baseball and improve swing accuracy. The versatile batting tee features a hand-rolled rubber top and an inverted grip that allows hitters to adjust the tee to a traditional batting tee (up) or an inverted batting tee (down) according to their training needs. pro batting tee is height-adjustable and is excellent for all ages and skill levels. Great for use with baseballs, softballs or training balls.

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